copywriter. problem solver. always makes too much pasta.

Charles Schwab

Explaining complex financial products, wrangling multiple messages, and navigating layers of legal and compliance into concise, interesting TV spots is challenging.

From product launches to industry announcements, working on Schwab not only made me a better writer — it also made me a smarter investor.


Power of Questions: Can asking the right 36 questions spark love?

One of the most interesting and thought-provoking projects I worked on with Schwab was also the most challenging. In the spirit of Schwab’s question-asking ethos, we wondered — can we pull this off with a tiny budget? Can we cast this with regular people, not polished actors? Can a copywriter also moonlight as a casting director and unofficial couch therapist, interviewer, director, and accidental matchmaker? The answers yes, yes and weirdly, yes.


Schwab has a long standing reputation of shaking up the industry with low costs and award winning customer service. With even lower online equity trades and an investor-first satisfaction guarantee, Schwab has done it again — to the dismay of these soon-to-be-dumped brokers.

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios - Teeth :15

How easy is it to invest with Schwab Intelligent Portfolios? Turns out it's surprisingly easier than a lot of things in life.

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios - Wine :15

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios - Shelf :15